Genus Loci, or "sense of place", defines the profound attributes which give the perception of different sites their character and their identity. This is the raw material of psychogeographical work on urban or natural landscapes.

I have always used whatever means of representation available - drawing, photography, writing, even sand - to apprehend the form and narrative hidden behind the emotion felt in presence of the orchestration played out by each place.

Computer code now allows me, through the practice of interactive photography, to make my images multiple and malleable, and to be able to explore a whole new territory of expression.

Town centre, Haifa, Israel
Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
Montesquieu-Lauragais, Haute-Garonne
Hills near Nailloux, Haute-Garonne
Mann's Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles
("Star Wars Episode 1, The Phantom Menace", Premiere)
Regional parliament, Munich
Place André Malraux, Paris
Les Jacobins, Toulouse
Saut de Vesoles in Upper Languedoc