Joetopia is your one stop shop for photography, agitprop and urban design. Whether your needs cover the bearing of witness in photographic or alternate artistic forms, the deconstruction of unjustified foreign wars or unbridled market predation, the design of town spaces which respect the wellbeing and dignity of those who will use them, Joetopia may just have the answer for you!

Over the years Joetopia has explored the multiple facets of expression offered by multimedia, in terms of interactivity, algorithmics, aesthetics, community. The transmission of meaning has always been approached in an original, captivating manner, allowing the profound to coexist with playfulness. The credo of Joetopia is shared between creativity and an uncompromising dedication to the human condition.

Explore this site for an idea of the strings that you can pull in your ad hoc Joetopia department!

Joetopia will do consulting for food.