Magelis was a multimedia studio which operated between 1993 and 2004. Founded initially as a publisher of titles for the general public, the company, subsequently, switched to the providing of services for the professional market in web site and CD-ROM design and production... more »

Panic on Screen

Released in June 1994, Panic on Screen was the first CD-ROM produced by Magelis, offering a real interactivity surpassing the simple presentation of media items. It is an audiovisual memory game, the objective being to reassemble short video sequences where the image and sound have been separated... more »


At the end of 1996 Magelis released a second CD-ROM, Charivari of Chat-Malô - the Mousewitch. Charivari is a brave little cat, who has to rescue his friend, Charlotte from the wicked Mousewitch. Pedagogical games make up a seamless part of the narrative. The CD-ROM was distributed by Ubisoft... more »

Interactive Comic Strips

Interactive comic strips constituted a research laboratory for Magelis. The first, an experimental work, was made in 1992, and received several awards. The second, Overexposed! was a prototype for a commercial version, made in 1997. Both works tell the story of a photographer... more »

Big Browser

Big Browser was a project that Magelis worked on for a while in early 2000, where the objective was to explore the place of comics within the web browser context. The goal was the creation of a satirical game that extrapolates upon the espionage of web surfers... more »

Little Bonhommes Land

Magelis's mascot was a little fellow that started its life as a side effect of the design of the company's visiting cards. The "bonhommes" gradually invaded the entire company: website, New Years greetings, as well as an interactive, animated series... more »