Panic on Screen was the first CD-ROM produced by Magelis. It was released in France in June 1994.

It is an audiovisual memory game for one to six players aged from 3 to 103. The objective is to reassemble short video sequences where the image and sound have been separated. The mismatches are sometimes spectacular and frequently very funny.

The design of Panic on Screen was shaped by the financial challenge of limited means, and had to answer to an intellectual challenge which was novel for the epoch: how to fill a CD-ROM up with a large amount of data, offering a real interactivity that would surpass the simple presentation of media items.

The critics gave it good press, and it received a "Faust" Gold trophy in Toulouse. Its first distributor, Euro'CD went bankrupt a few weeks after sales started. It was subsequently distributed by Ubisoft and Génération 5. It sold for a few years, but Magelis did not cover costs.

The following people worked on Panic on Screen: Julian Alvarez, Alexis Gautier, Marc Khanne, Marc Peyrucq, Americo Piagessi, Sylvie Rabie, Joseph Rabie.