At the end of 1996 Magelis released a second CD-ROM, called Charivari de Chat-Malô - the Mousewitch.

It is a story about a village of cats, for children aged from 3 to 7. Charivari is a brave little cat, who has to rescue his friend, Charlotte, from the claws of the wicked Mousewitch who has imprisoned her in an enchanted forest. Pedagogical games and activities make up a seamless part of the narrative, and in this way the player takes an operational role in resolving the intrigue, leading to a very strong identification between the young audience and Charivari.

The CD-ROM was coproduced by Magelis and the European Investment Club, an organisation emanating from the European Commission, which promoted electronic publishing.

The Mousewitch was distributed by Ubisoft until 2001, and though it benefited from insufficient marketing means, sold over 10 000 copies, notably in the French Fnac stores. It received a "Faust" Bronze trophy in Toulouse.

The following people worked on the CD-ROM: Laure Calandre, Martin Faynot, Marc Khanne, Sylvie Rabie and Joseph Rabie.

In 2003, the rights to Charivari were sold to a new company called Galaxy Train, in which the founders of Magelis had a minority share. Galaxy Train produced a second CD-ROM in the Charivari series, called Pasha, which was made by Magelis, and released at the end of 2003. Galaxy Train, unfortunately, did not succeed in commercialising Charivari, and was closed in mid 2005.