The photographs for Umbrellas were taken from the second floor of a municipal building adjacent to the Monoprix supermarket. The diagonal of the pavement divides up the scene from top left to bottom right. The dynamics of the picture are based on three factors: the passers-by with their umbrellas which appear at regular intervals; the traffic on the street merging into a continuous fade; the flag flapping in an evolving collage of multiple images.

During calm conditions, a single person with umbrella appears at a time. An increase in traffic noise increases the number of people present.

If the spectators clap, people with umbrellas pop up like mushrooms and fill the pavement, before they discretely disappear.

The system chooses images of people by theme. Each person is classified by attributes such as the darkness or lightness of their clothing, their colourfulness or drabness, presence of red or blue, facing forwards or backwards, or whether they are carrying an umbrella or not. If one is lucky, one gets to see all the red umbrellas together, or (as in the bottom picture) see, exclusively people without umbrellas.

CLICK HERE TO SEE A LOW DEFINITION VERSION (2.1 Mo). NOTE that you must click on the mouse instead of clapping! Shockwave is required for display - it can be downloaded here...