This is the name of the bistro from where the pictures were taken. It is on the corner of a busy junction, facing the town market, the exit from the metro station, and the town hall. The patrons were not excessively grumpy, and allowed me to stay for hours. There are four sequences of photographs, taken from four different points of view, over two days (top four images). The camera was positioned on a cast iron table, looking through the window, and positioned so that a mullion of the window frame would split the image into two equal halves. Thus the four sequences are united by the use of the window frame as a central element of composition.

The comings and goings of the same person reappear on occasion in separate views.

Several points of view display together in an urban collage, that mix and remix endlessly. Thus the left and right halves may, or on the contrary may not, correspond to the same image or even the same point of view - different points of view may superimpose on either half of the picture. The perspectives of different buildings are caught up in multiple alignments. The degree of chaos increases with the ambient noise.

A clap by the spectator displays a single, coherent image (that most visible among the collage of those being displayed), during a brief instant.