This constitutes the primary scene. Indeed, the division between the real on the right, the reflection on the left, was the source for the title "Collido_scope". The picture is reinforced by the strong geometry formed by the "V" of the tiled ceramic fresco backdrop. And this led to the installation being placed in front of the fresco - or what was left of it after its unexpected demolition by the manager of the Monoprix supermarket…

Within the image, there is an ongoing discordancy between the real and its reflection. At first, the two correspond, but as time goes by, the relationship between the two gradually shifts apart, showing people that are quite different on either side, with furtive matches on both sides slipping in like ghosts. An increase in the sound of traffic speeds the process up, the number of images composing the collage increases.

A clap by a spectator sets things in order by "recalibrating" the picture: the scene is simplified and the left and right sides are matched up to correspond perfectly.

The individual images are classified within a data base of attributes, allowing for the generation of harmonies according to themes, within coherent pictural compositions. Thus, depending on the moment, one or other theme will be dominant. The themes are based on the location of people within the scene, the direction they are facing, whether they are "stuck" to the facade - namely passing through the entrance at that very moment - age, sex, number of people in a particular image, colour of clothing.