This is a lake located in the Pyrénées Mountains. A genuine paradise. It was the 14th July and freezing, with snow on the summits.

The picture is in a state of constant meteorological change, alternated by sun and heavy cloud. The landscape is divided into zones, which are classified according to the degree of illumination or cloudiness.

A clap "unbalances" the weather and makes it change radically to its opposite state – from sun to storminess, for example.

The picture of the lake appears only when the sound environment is particularly calm. Any loud noise chases it away. Thus it is generally visible only at night. If a spectator wishes to see it during the day, it can be invited by "hypnotising" it through a series of regular claps.

If there are conditions of particular silence, dreams appear from within the Gréziolles lake. The images come from the following two series.