Structural Diagram

Saint Germain

Les Colonnes


Parapluies (Umbrellas)


to render the scenes more lively or chaotic...
clap your hands, (or make any other noise)

to go from day to night -
the picture falls asleep...

come back at night, or, alternately, hypnotize the picture by clapping hands with a slow, constant rhythm

to explore each scene individually - a single clap:
Monoprix reorders itself,
Parapluies fills with umbrellas,
dreams surge from the lake,
and so forth...

to go from night to day -
the picture awakes...

clap loudly, (or make any rousing noise)

to go from scene to scene -
a double-clap...


Of Victuals and Hands



to make the picture dream...
hypnotize it a second time, but carefully, so as not to wake it...

Issy by Night

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