Four Movements

Within the work, a constant coming and going will take place between the two cross-frontier territories. This will be ordered within a structure composed of four parallel movements:

1/ The Antechamber is built upon a series of emblematic congruencies connecting the two territories. It consists of a gesture coming from the periphery, its four corners, to its focal point, the Brèche de Roland;

2/ Genus Loci - Sense of Place - follows the watercourses in the valleys of both sides, over waterfalls and lakes, towards the mountain heights;

3/ Land Use looks to sharpen the human component of landscape, via the specific means where place is transformed by habitation, labour, culture, and the most radical of all, the transhumance of tourism;

4/ Details approaches place in the intimacy of its varied scales, its textures, its materials, vegetal and mineral - "at your feet, across the road, across the river, across the valley"…

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