By participating in this virtual demonstration
Assert your engagement for the planet that we shall leave to our children
so that it shall be a playground and not a graveyard.
Assert your affiliation with the family of humanity in the diversity of our oneness,
so that the dignity of each be freed from the domination of a few
so that the welfare of all not suffer the wealth of a minority.
And to those who would compromise people, compromise peace, the planet
But never compromise profit or power

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"Over My Dead Body" Manifesto »
Six posters against the war
in Iraq »
An educational paperfolding tool
for understanding the G8 »
A Middle-East Peace resource,
the "Diary of Pain and Hatred" »

(15 May - 15 July 2003)

An interactive glossary
for exploring political terms »

(in French)

Prophylactics and the president »
The Queen of England,
or the politics of submission »
Poster against Bush's presence
at the 2004 D-Day
commemoration in France »

Following Enfants d'Immigrés, we decided to create the “Over My Dead Body” project, applying the concept of the virtual demonstration to global issues. The context for this was a sense of rising desperation in the face of a freewheeling world, in which human and environmental welfare are constantly being desecrated in the name of short term political and financial interests.

The project was inaugurated in November 2002. The following people worked on it: Boris Alet, Lysiane Beaumel, Philippe Bertrand, Daniel Lopez, Pierre Priot, Sylvie Rabie, Joseph Rabie.

The "Over My Dead Body" project is a world wide, virtual, online demonstration, politicising the major themes of neo-liberal globalisation and the economy, imperial predation, the environment, antiracism, etc. The federating platform is the promotion of "the politics of generosity", in the framework of the contradiction that exists between two world views: that of "survival of the fittest", expressed through the stranglehold of financial and nationalist self-interest; that of solidarity on the basis of a unique, collective human destiny, sharing resources at the disposition of all.

People are invited to participate, and are represented symbolically in the demonstration by their name, place of residence, and if they so wish, photo, and virtual placard. Take a moment to watch people pass by, seeing where they come from and what they have to say.

Thus people from the four corners of the globe may “march” together, and in this way the demonstration is a powerful and active metaphor for fraternity and global mobilisation around a common cause, weaving a transversal thread between activists working each within their local contexts.

The site also contains a section called "The State of Things", which presents an evolving portrait of the world today. As the demonstrators pass by in the top part of the screen, "The State of Things" in the bottom part displays an ongoing slide show presenting news items, views, initiatives, etc.

The "About" section contains the project Manifesto, information on Who We Are, Downloads...

In 2003-4 the "Over My Dead Body" project created and distributed diverse resources in relation with ongoing events. The war against Iraq, the ambiguity between stated objectives and hidden agendas, overthrowing a country's dictator and transforming it into an economic vassal, were issues explored by the project: "Over My Dead Body" produced Agitprop posters against the war. The occupation of Palestine and the need for a two state solution is a preoccupation, which led to the creation of a two sided chronicle. Institutions such as the World Trade Organisation, the World Economic Forum in Davos, the G8 annual meetings, which, with no legitimate mandate from the world's population are imposing an economic regime that furthers the profiteering of the powerful at the expense of the poor, constitute important targets for the “Over my Dead Body’s” project…

The project was chosen for exhibit in the Nonetart Festival in Rosaria, Argentina in 2003, and for the Wigged Productions online exhibition Globalization (http://www.wiggedproductions.com). Rhizome in New York featured it in its Net Art News. The French magazine Télérmama.fr chose it as site of the day, and Libération referenced it in an article on antiwar sites. The posters have been exhibited at a group exhibiton of work opposing the war in Iraq at Columbia University, New York, and were also shown at the big group exhibition at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, India in January 2004. Two posters were published in "Peace Signs - the anti-war movement illustrated" by James Mann.

If you share our view on these issues, we invite you to join the demonstration. The presence of each person counts: a trickle becomes a torrent that becomes a river, rolling for change…