Barbie Freeze is a Barbie doll (or more precisely, in this case, a less expensive, non-branded surrogate) that was frozen inside a large block of ice in an empty ice-cream container. The original objective was to broadcast an ephemeral web-cam performance of the doll's melt-down until the evaporation of the very last icicle.

Barbie is a weapon of masculine, market domination. Behind the apparent frivolity of refrigerating Barbie is an exploration of the destructive role-model that such dolls represent, by juxtaposing them with the flesh and frozen food context of supermarket mass consumerism. The underlying concept is to relegate these archaic toys into the past, that operates through the act of freezing them within a prehistorical paradigm, so that they might become as extinct as the mammoth, a frozen relic of our ice-age past.

The objective is to produce an installation consisting of an ice-box, removed from the supermarket context, and loaded with a large selection of frozen Barbie dolls. The audience would be able to handle them, in the same way as one looks for a product in the frozen food section of a supermarket.

A different approach would be that of "do it yourself" distributed creativity... whoever wishes to do so would freeze a doll and put a web page up. In this way, a ring of wishful archeological artifacts would gradually accumulate within the nether layers of internet.